Guindo. Interaction Design Studio


Redesign of ecommerce site

Along first quarter of 2013, we collaborate with Deskidea's marketing and business responsibles in the redesign of its e-commerce site. Deskidea is an ecommerce dedicated to the sale of office supplies and solutions for the workplace.

Product page

The main challenge of the project was to get a modulated and flexible structure that could be reused in different sections, as well as raise a number of templates for the different types of product and distribution factors: sales of small items or packages, possibility of offering discounts by volume, possibility of selecting different packaging formats and budget requests.

Throughout the site, were introduced elements that subtly reinforce the peripheral processing routes of users: aspects such as credibility through a clean design that reinforces the product, trust messages, exit routes, purchase alternatives, etc.

How to purchase at Deskidea

Also were introduced small pieces of persuasion that, without being aggressive, incite the user to increase their purchase on the site. As for example at the mini cart:

Mini cart

We worked on simplifying the filters and listings, in order to facilitate scanning and comparing items. Also on the sizes and distances of the action items, to facilitate its use on tablets.

Detalle de listado de productos