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Website of the Cognition and Brain Plasticity Unit

The Cognition and Brain Plasticity Unit, linked to the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL) and the University of Barcelona, ​​aims to study interdisciplinary capacity of structural and functional reorganization of the nervous system (development, neurological injuries, learning and rehabilitation).

The groups of the Unit are made up of members with different qualifications and backgrounds who work together to promote their mutual lines of research, focusing on language learning and its dysfunctions, the dynamics of memory formation and reward processing. The team develops new analytical methods for basic research that have direct implications for clinical applications, generating much documentation and articles.

Detail of a research group

Group leaders contacted us in 2014 to create an online tool that would improve the visibility of the publications, as well as the research lines and the team profiles.

The site should also allow the visualization of transversality and collaboration among team members, facilitating cross-linking between content, publications, lines of research and authors.

List of publications

We created a minimalist and easy-to-maintain tool, with a scalable structure that has grown according to the needs of the unit. We use a color code to identify each research group, as well as the involvement of each member in them. In addition to allowing the publication of articles, the site has a powerful search filter for academic publications generated by the unit.

Detail of a publication