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Streaming Video Game to a Connected Car

26 Ene, 2010, por Sergio.

In the recent edition of CES 2010  in Las Vegas, GameStreamer team along with Alcatel-Lucent, as members of the ng Connect Program,  had the opportunity to demonstrate the first streaming delivery of a video game to an in-vehicle entertainment system.

Passengers (not the driver; please keep your eyes on the road…) will be able to browse a GameStreamer-powered store, purchase and play a game all from the in-vehicle entertainment system without the need for physical media discs, as players immediately begin playing while the game is being streamed in real-time from the cloud.

«People passionately enjoy games and are already actively playing them through Internet connected devices such as PC’s, consoles and mobile phones. We felt enabling video games in a connected car was a natural addition to these devices and one game players will welcome with open arms».
Steig Westerberg, GameStreamer’s COO and co-founder.

You can get an idea of the project with the following promotional video:

To me, as implied person in the project and UX and UI design responsible of the gaming application developed by GameStreamer, has been a very exciting project, like working inside a science fiction movie.

More information of the LTE Connected Car project.

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